Trinity Green Dot Traction Compound for Off-road

This New “Green Dot” traction compound, blended by Trinity, will help you produce the highest traction for off-road rubber tires when used on indoor or outdoor clay tracks. How does it work? The compound will increase the rubbers natural traction properties and it also cleans and will preserve the rubber for long lasting tire life.  Thanks to the extremely low odor formula, it is perfect for indoor events. It comes packaged in 4-ounce bottles that will easily fit in most pit boxes, and the bottle includes a spray applicator.


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  1. I don’t know how sticky you U.S. guys are about “traction additives” where you are or what you consider so. Up here in Canada a lot of guys use WD-40 on the tires with some tracks. Keeps the dirt/mud off the tires and not get the “what I like to call – Snow Ball Effect” Other surfaces would require a different type of additive.

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