Essential Body Tools for Every RC Tool Box

If you have tried cutting out a Lexan body with some kitchen scissors, you’ve probably realized that aside from being awkward in most places on any body, trying to cut the body out cleanly is almost impossible. Tradition scissors just aren’t meant for the job. The long blades are okay for straight sections, but you’re when you get to cutting out for the wheels. Now, ever so slowly put them back before your wife finds them missing. Get yourself some good tools for professional results.

The best way to trim most RC bodies is with Lexan scissors. With short curved blades that are also stout, these specialized scissors make quick work of cutting Lexan. A variety of companies offer Lexan scissors, and some companies also offer straight Lexan scissors which are great, as you’d expect, at cutting straight lines.

Just like Lexan scissors, there are a variety of companies offering body reamers. These tools are the best way to cut body post holes. Some body reamers are marked with indicators that show the size of the hole you’re cutting. This makes it easy to cut the same size body post holes.

These tools are available separately or together depending of the brand and packaging. Using both together will make it look like you could do this with your eyes closed. Disclaimer: don’t close your eyes when using sharp tools such as scissors or body reamers.  That doesn’t really need further explanation does it?


The Mighty Dremel
A Dremel rotary tool may not technically be essential, but once you get one you won’t know how you ever lived without it. A sanding drum attachment will help clean up any rough edges and make a curved edges perfectly smooth. Plus, in addition to making bodies perfect, you’ll find dozens of uses for a Dremel.

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