RC4WD – Interco IROK 2.2 Super Swamper Scale Tires

RC4WD is well known in the crawling community for its extensive line of tires. RC4WD has brought out yet another tire to please the scale enthusiast in all of us. Officially licensed from Interco, the goal here is to please scale needs and perform. The tire measures 5.75″ tall and is 2.25″ wide. Foam inserts are included as is an Interco decal sheet. RC4WD’s X2 SS compound is used which it states is super soft and super sticky.


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  1. They look like there is plenty of bite to them. I may have to add a set to my collection. RC4WD makes allot of great looking tires. I like the Mudslinger style too

  2. How do these tires compare to the ProLine Super Swamper tires?

    I have seen both at the store (never on a RC truck) and noticed the RC4WD tires have more prominent tread, however the ProLine tires are much softer.

    Do softer tires perform better when rock crawling? And bigger tread will perform better in mud?

    1. I have never run these RC4WD tires, so I don’t want to speculate on their performance. The Pro-Line tires do perform very well. Soft, sticky tires do perform well on the rocks. Big treads to perform well in mud as long as there are large voids between the lugs for the mud to get flung out of.

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