Truck of the Week: 2/26/2012 Axial SCX10

Jonathan Mathews sent it a series of photos of his very cool Axial SCX10. It started life as a Honcho version of the SCX10, but Jonathan given his truck a whole new look. The Ford pick-up body features a simple but realistic paint scheme. With eye catching diesel smoke stacks, flashy colors aren’t needed. MIP driveshafts keep this SCX10 trucking and a 20-turn motor provides the power. Jonathan turned to RC4WD for the functional winch and 2.2-inch Mud Slinger tires. Hot Racing 110mm shocks help Jonathan keep the truck in control.




Hot Racing



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  1. How can I get in contact with Jonathan Mathews I’d like to talk about how he build the sxc10 get some up close photos of it the one pulling his tramcars funny car

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