Team Associated SC10 4×4 Upgrade Kit

Short course racing is now serious business and when Team Associated entered the 4WD short course class with its SC10 4×4, it did so to win. That is to say, the truck is engineered for the track and designed for winning. Like most trucks–no matter how much the engineers were focused on competitive performance–it doesn’t take long for the factory team guys to start tweaking and tuning. Sometimes the changes are small, sometimes they are significant. In the case of the SC10 4×4, the hot racing setup constituted some major changes such as sway bars and a switch to a saddle pack. The Factory Team of the truck that followed also included a new slipper setup. Team Associated new upgrade kit helps bring the earlier kits and RTR SC10 4×4 trucks up to speed. It includes the new slipper, parts needed for saddle pack arrangement and a lot more.


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