Tip of the Week: 3/11/2012 Keep Together With Magnetic Parts Tray

I use a few of these nice  automotive magnetic parts trays around my work area. They do a great job on holding all my hardware when tearing down my rig. Because I often have more than one project going on, if i push my parts to the side I know they will stay together. Hardware can be expensive, and maybe a couple lost nuts and bolts here and there are okay, but sometimes you lose vehicle specific type hardware that’s hard to replace. These types of trays are also good for magnetizing your screw driver’s tip as well as the tips of other hand tools. Leave the tools with the tool end down in the tray for a week or so, or whenever you don’t have anything n the tray and not working on anything. This will help make holding your screws at the end of the driver a lot easier for those hard to reach areas.

If you want to get your own parts tray, any automotive parts store will carry them. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes for whatever works for you.

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