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Pit Bull Rock Beast 1.9 Tire Review

Rocker, Maddog, Growler. Those are some mean names. If you’re into full-size off-roading you may have heard of Pit Bull Tires and its unique lineup of off-road tires. And, if you lean more to the hardcore side of the off-road scene, you may even have a set. Pit Bull Tires is getting increasingly better known in the big truck world and even jumped into RC about two years ago. First out was a set of 2.2 tires known as the Rock Beast XOR, and the second addition to the Pit Bull Tires RC lineup was a set of scale 1.9 tires called Rock Beast. Like the 2.2 Rock Beast XOR tires, the 1.9 version is modeled after the full-size Rocker tire.

Diameter 4.45″
Weight w/ foams 2.60 oz.

Like the 2.2 Rock Beasts, these 1.9 scale tires are molded out of what Pit Bull Tires calls its Komp Kompound. Out of the box, the tires are noticeably soft and sticky. The tire’s carcass is also thin which–when combined with the compound–creates a very soft tire. Inside the tire there is vertical ribbing that is intended to help support the sidewall area.


The tread is a spot-on replica of Pit Bull Tires’ trademark Rocker LT tires. That means the tread design and pattern isn’t a traditional mud tire where the pattern is clear and very symmetrical looking. While the Rock Beast tread is a repeating pattern, of course, it is far more random looking. It is unique in the true sense of the word. Pit Bull designed the tread to provide traction in all directions–forward, backward and laterally.

While the 2.2 Pit Bull RC tires don’t include foams, the 1.9 tires tested here include 2-stage foams. The outer ring is a soft foam and the inner ring is considerably firmer.

I mounted the Rock Beast tires on Vanquish Products ProComp LH aluminum rims, and I used an adjustable leather hole punch on the smallest setting to cut two holes in each tire since the rims are not vented. Because the tires are thin and soft, I recommend using a hole punch as opposed trying cut vent holes by hand. The hole punch will create a uniform opening that is far less likely tear. The Rock Beast tires were easy to mount and the bead fit the Vanquish rims perfectly.

When I first opened the Rock Beast tires, I was immediately impressed with how sticky the compound felt. As a result, I had high hopes for how these tires would perform. To cut right to the chase, I wasn’t disappointed. Even in cold temps, the tires gripped well and my test truck–an Axial SCX10 Honch0–made all the climbs I was accustomed to making. I usually run Pro-Line Interco TSL SX Super Swamper tires in the G8 compound, and these tires seemed very comparable. So comparable in fact, that I decided to test the tires back to back. I adjusted the weight in the Vanquish rims and got the mounted tires within a little more than a tenth of an ounce of each other. As I suspected, the tires were very similar in performance. When running strictly on rocks, the truck completed the same climbs with the different tires. The Pro-Line tires seemed to have slightly more grip, but the slightly taller Rock Beast tires provided a little more helpful ground clearance. The end result is I’ll have a hard time deciding which tires to mount up for a comp.

After testing on a large expanse of rocks, I took my truck to a crawling area that has a wide mix of off-road terrain. I tested the Rock Beasts on sand, wet rocks, mud, dirt, more rocks, exposed roots, leaf-strewn paths, etc. The Rock Beasts really shine off-road and I never felt like the tires were holding me back. The worked well on everything I found to drive the truck on and even still climbed well on the rocks after getting wet.

After a few days of testing, I inspected the tires for damage or excessive wear. I’m happy to report that the tires–thin carcass and all–are holding up just fine. The edges don’t seem to be wearing too quickly and the holes I punched seem to be fine.

Overall, the Pit Bull Rock Beast tires are clearly a well built tire that is a perfect copy of its full-size inspiration. It’s also pretty cool that the tires–RC and full-size–are made by the same company. These aren’t just a licensed copy, the Rock Beasts were designed by the same guys who make the big Rockers–pretty cool.


Pit Bull Tires

Vanquish Products 

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  1. Thanks for the in Depth review! I have been running 2.2s forever. This taller 1.9 may be just the ticket to get me to switch! Especially considering they are comparable to the pro-lines. Thanks Matt!

  2. You said it Pete, a little bit of a taller tire is good for more ground clearance. Allot of the 1.9 tires are just so small! I love the fact that the Rock Beasts are an exact replica of thr real ones too! There needs to be more RC tires made like this! Watching the video, its obvious the tire is really soft and grippy. The Rock Beasts sure make Matt’s truck look tough, as the size gives his rig a mean lookin stance of a muscle bound trail rig! Me likey!! Thanks for sharing your review on yet another cool RC must have 🙂

  3. Excellent review Matt. Those tires are incredible. I can’t believe the realism that is put into rock crawler tires. Just wish we could get that kind of realism for short course. Maybe Prolineracing or JConcepts could come out with

    1. As you seem to know, that’s how they do the full-size tires. Don’t know how many people would do the work. But that’s what I do for the fronts with Pro-Line short course Bow Ties

  4. I bought these tires after reading this article and wathcing the video. I was hooked and love the tires. They are awesome

  5. Love RCTruckStop and how you are not afraid to say what you believe. Keep it up. love r/c and love this site

  6. HI.
    As I have rubbers in 1.9, and it makes it hard to place them in the common wheels you have on hand, .. what kind of wheels, make and measure recommended me to not have so much trouble to assemble?
    Thank you

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