Venom Rebadges RC Lineup as Atomik RC

Venom Group has decided to change things up with the corporate nameplate of its RC lineup. Company officials stated that the parent company, Vertical Partners West, has renamed the model and accessory line as Atomic RC. It appears the Venom name will focus on batteries and charges.

I have taken the “wait to see what happens” approach. I know the products made from Atomik already and  personally use Venom products across my work bench and in different rigs. This joining of the two sides should make sure that Atomik RC is more of a powerhouse brand. Will it be called the  “Atomik Creeper Crawler”  now?  Time will tell. Based on reports I’ve read, the new line up of RC rigs will be a good bang for the buck and share the same good quality of past Venom branded units and products.


Learn more here and here (well, soon).


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