Gear Head RC Axial SCX10 & AX10 Axle 4-link Truss

I won’t spend too much time restating obvious history, but Axial’s AX10 redefined rock crawling in the sense that meant you could actually buy a crawler. Before the AX10, the vast majority of crawlers used axles from one company, a transmission from another and some sort of homespun chassis. SCX10 has been just as important–if not even more so–to the scale side of crawling. As influential as the AX10 and SCX10 are, they are not without their weaknesses. One that comes to mind is the mount for the upper link of the 3-link suspension arrangement. Not only is it fairly easy for this piece to break, but the link can also pop free and most people prefer a 4-link setup over the 3-link. Gear Head RC has a new machined 6061-T6 aluminum piece that replaces the stock truss. The mount is clearly stronger and is designed for a 4-link setup. Gear Head RC includes hardware to mount the links to the truss, but new links will be needed to switch from a 3- to a 4-link suspension. Gear Head RC products are available exclusively at Rpp Hobby.


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  1. Those look pretty solid. RRP Hobby has good finished products. I’ve seen some pretty shotty CNC aftermarket upgrades before in my Hobby Store Days, but it’s nice to see the tolerance of these products coming together.
    *My buddy SCX10 was always breaking that link you mentioned. He has stayed with a 3 link setup, but quickly learned 4 link may have been better for suspension travel.

  2. I have a question I’m building a 1/8 scale driveshaft monster truck what kind of gears motor.. ESC..batt. Is good for bashing..freestyle I’m old school getting a tube Chassis… Need help..thanks

    1. Sounds like a cool project. You, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, have a lot of options. I’d start your considerations with the Traxxas Revo drivetrain–at least the transmission and driveshafts (you can fairly easily make these shafts as long or short as needed). As far as axles, you may be limited to Kyosho Mad Force style axles to get the width you want. A Casle Mamba Monster 2 would also be a good choice for speed control and motor system. How does this sound?

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