Truck of the Week: 3/25/2012 Custom Fire Truck

This is Charles Reed’s second time being featured in Truck of the Week, so the name may ring a bell. You may have also seen his cool–or should we say hot–truck all over Facebook. The cab is from a Tamiya Bullhead. Charles tells us the chassis was made by himself and that the fire truck body is from a New bright toy. The truck features leaf springs and working six-wheel drive. He uses a Novak speed control, two batteries and the boom is fully functional. The trailer is a Jessie James rig from New bright and it too features leaf springs. Charles once got did the fabrication–this time building the axles and frame. He credits Matt Lane for the decals and says the project took him about 11 weeks to complete.





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  1. we had a fire in a field at the farm where I work back a few years ago and the firetrucks wouldn’t leave the driveway, they headed out with water backpacks on… needless to say we could have used this rig on that day!! great job!

  2. Mooseman . You can build something like this if you want to. I dont have any fancy tools. I have a hacksaw. hand tools, vice, Dremel, and a bunch of files. all you need is an ideal of what you want to build.I change my mind a lot when im building something. so its never a set thing for me. Just get in your garage ,shop or where ever you want and get to building something. and thank you to everybody. I really love building R/C related stuff. Its more of the build for me than running them. Charles

  3. I would like to say thank you to all the wonderful people who voted for my Firetruck build. With out you i dont think i would have won.:) so THANK YOU !!!

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