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Vanquish Products SSZ Star 2.2 Rims Review

Do you believe in love at first sight? Being what I’ll describe as more of the typical practical, realist type (AKA a guy), I never really gave the concept much thought. You’ve probably already guessed where I’m going with this, but at the clear risk of being woefully predictable, my thoughts on the subject did a 180 when I first laid eyes on the SSZ Star 2.2 rims Vanquish Products (or VP as the cool kids call them). These rims are simply hot, but are the SSZ Star 2.2’s all beauty without substance or do they combine function with the form? Let’s bolt on a set and find out.

Item no.: vps04201
Diameter: 2.2″
Width: 0.8″
Weight: 1.9 oz.
Price: $74.99

The SSZ Star 2.2 rims are three-piece design. Unlike typical bead lock rims used on most rock crawlers, these rims squeeze or clamp the outer tire bead between the aluminum main rim and the inner plastic ring. The inner tire bead it held in place by an aluminum ring that bolts to the back of the aluminum main rim with six screws.

VP machines the main rim and rear bead lock ring out of solid 6061. The inner plastic ring has a groove in the center that is said to aid in air flow if the rims are drilled for venting. The SSZ Star rims feature a solid center hub area, so they are not secured with a single 7mm wheel nut. Instead a VP SLW is mounted to the axle and the rims, in turn, bolt to the hub with six cap head screws. The end result is no visible wheel nut.

Mounting the Pro-Line Interco TSL SX Super Swamper tires I selected was far easier than I expected. Just make sure the foam insert is not caught in between rim in front or ring in back and the plastic inner ring. The bottom line is that SSZ Star 2.2 were the easiest–technically bead lock–rims I’ve ever mounted up.

I mounted my new tire and rim combo to my Axial Wraith and used VP’s 475 Hex Hubs. These hubs made for a wider setup than and an overall more stable rock racer. VP offers the SLW Hex Hubs in six widths–two narrower than the 475’s I used and three wider. The 475 Hex Hubs are as wide as you’ll  need to go on the wide axle Wraith, but the variety of hub widths are great other axles.

Because the SSZ Star rims are hard anodized, they have thus far remained scratch free. Eventually, they will get a scar and a may tear up a bit, but for now, they are looking as good as the day I busted them out of their original packaging.


Vanquish Products
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    1. They will work fine. Just make sure you get the right hubs; Vanquish offers different width hubs for clearance. I tested these rims and still use them on a Axial Wraith which uses the same AR60 axles as your Rudgecrest.

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