Tip of the Week: 4/1/2012 Better Battery Hold Down

Many trucks use what is essentially a screw with a body clip going through it to secure the battery strap. Most of the time, this setup works perfectly fine, but if you’re doing some hardcore bashing, the body clip can go flying (this has happened to me dozens of times) or the screw-in mount can even break (this has happened to me twice recently). A better solution is to take a hardened steel screw, a couple of washers as needed and lock the mount down. Since many of us are using LiPo packs with tons of capacity, not being able to quickly remove the pack is no big deal. If you’re using 2000mAh packs, this tip probably isn’t for you. If you are using modern technology, you’ll enjoy a much more reliable battery hold down. Just make sure you unplug and remove your pack from your truck when you’re done.

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