MaxAmps.com 6500 3S Race Edition LiPo Battery Review

There are so many LiPo battery choices out there, it’s simply overwhelming. Not only are there packs in numerous configurations and sizes, but it seems like every company has a pack with its logo on it. As soon as you start shopping for a LiPo you’ll realize that there are cheap packs and expensive packs. Want to know if higher cost equals high end? Check out this review of a MaxAmps.com Race Edition LiPo and get the full scoop.

I would consider MaxAmps.com’s main point of difference to be that the packs are all “made to order.” MaxAmps.com states that each pack is assembled per order. This is done so that you are getting the exact plugs you want and so that you are getting a “fresh” pack. While I readily take advantage of ordering the plugs I want and I appreciate the idea of having cells that haven’t sat around forever (batteries aren’t like wine, they don’t get better with age), the feature I am most fond of with MaxAmps.com packs is that they are waterproof. The MaxAmps.com hard case shell is also substantial. It feels strong, but not overly clunky. The pack weighs in at about 18 oz. When I received this pack, I thoroughly checked it over and found that it is certainly a quality product. I inspected the installed Traxxas High Current connector and specifically looked to see how well the wires were soldered on. The solder job was perfectly done, and the wires used was Deans 12 gauge Ultra Wire.

The first test I performed was to simply make sure the pack was shipped with a partial charge. The MaxAmps.com wasn’t over or under charged. Why would I care? This means the cells have not been compromised. If a pack is sitting around in one warehouse after another, with too low of a voltage, the pack can slowly drain far enough that the cells get permanently damaged. Since I ordered this pack for a specific vehicle, there were no fit surprises. That’s another advantage of the made-to-order concept. When you order on MaxAmps.com’s site, it is very easy to get packs specifically sized for your vehicle.

After fully charging the pack at 13 amps (2C) in the balance charge mode, I hooked it up a 20 amp discharge. It took 28 minutes and five seconds to discharge the pack to 3 volts per cell. The capacity of the pack measured at 6596mAh, so it delivered on its claimed capacity. The average voltage was 10.635 volts and the pack had an internal resistance of 52.4m ohms.

To test the real-world performance of this pack, I installed it in a Traxxas Stampede 4X4 and hit a local BMX track. Why here? The big air at the BMX is simply a great measure of the durability of the MaxAmps.com pack. After many jumps and more crashes than I’d like to admit, the MaxAmps.com pack was unscathed other than some superficial scuffs.

As for performance, the the 3S pack is a smile maker. That’s no surprise. While I’ve never noticed a different feel in performance between other 3S packs, there is a difference in how well each pack can handle putting out that power. I ran the Stampede 4X4–which wasn’t running a stock motor–hard enough to thermal twice; the battery, however, stayed cool as can be.

The final argument is always going to come down to cost. The pack tested here is a Race Edition 3S pack. It’s hard cased and waterproof. It includes a genuine Traxxas High Current connector and Deans 12 gauge wires. As equipped, it costs $182.99. Add in about $8 for shipping and you’re close $200. It’s up to you to decide how much you believe in the old saying that you get what you pay for. You also have to decide if cheap packs come at a risk. I happen to be a firm believer that you get what you pay for and the quality and performance of this MaxAmps.com prove that it is worth the money.


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  1. Thanks for the review Matt. About a year ago I had a problem getting a balancer plug for an older balancer. Not only did the guys at MaxAmps make multiple phone calls to me to make sure the hybrid adapter was right but they sent me a few extra parts at no cost just in case… It took less than a few days and has worked flawlessly since. Given that experience and this review my next setup for my sc10 and my truggy will be from maxamps!

  2. This is the pack I bought my boyfriend for his birthday and he was thrilled. Maxamps is really a step up in quality and performance to the packs he was running. Now to get some for my crawler 🙂

  3. These cost more than the other ones online but the y seem to be built better. If I’m going to go lipo i think i’m going with one of these

  4. really good to hear some positive reviews, sick of all the bickering on other sites, i am also a firm believer of you get what you pay for and cant wait to get some max amps and try them out for myself!

  5. Hi matt , I was planning to for max amps battery for the 6s 22.2V 8000mah 150C discharge rate . you think these are true discharge rating ? as these ratings are very high . my application will take 1000 amps + for a 3-4 secs and then 300-400 amps continuous . Also can you suggest me good connectors for such high usage ?

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