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Scale Rock Crawling Comp With ECRC “Spring Fling”

Spring is here and all over the country–and northern hemisphere for that matter–clubs are gearing up and holding their first comps of the 2012 season. I recently attended ECRC’s Spring Fling Scale comp. ECRC hosted this competition in Norwich, CT at a club member’s property. The location, known as Rock Island, is an extensive manmade rock garden that literally includes tons of rocks and everything from tunnels, mud, dirt, sand and hanging bridges. This year’s ECRC season opener also included their first run of their new Axial Wraith class.

Each class ran two courses. The first was run on the manmade course and the second course for each class was run on natural terrain. The Wraith class was a timed competition with penalties adding to the total time. In the end, the lowest time won, as opposed to the lowest score. Also, each competitor started the course after the truck ahead of them reached the halfway mark. This eventually led to a little King of the Hammers type action.

In the Wraith class, Eli Baumgartner was victorious. The Scale class was won in fairly dominating fashion by Bob Briere (AKA Robbob). As for me: This was my first time making the cross-state trek to Rock Island. In the scale class, I finished mid-pack after a penalty-filled first run on the manmade course. I was able to somewhat redeem myself on the natural course and climbed the ranks. The Wraith class was a lot of fun–as was the rest of the comp–and I was able to finish in second place and fairly close to the top competitor.

ECRC’s next event is a 2.2 and Sportsman comp. You can learn more about the club here.

Wraith class winner, Eli, and Scale class winner, Bob.


  1. Eli 7.55
  2. Matt H. 8:58
  3. Shawn 13:05
  4. Rich 14:05
  5. Daryl 14:15



  1. Robbob -32
  2. Rich -14
  3. Eli -6
  4. Curt 24
  5. Matt H. 30
  6. Daryl 45
  7. Matt 45
  8. Shawn 74

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  1. That looked like a lot of fun Matt. It’s really cool seeing some the scale rigs. A lot of attention to details on some of those. Even the little things. (like the headlight falling out)

  2. Hi can anyone tell me if there is anywhere in Norwich Norfolk that my son can join like a group to that all gets together for rock crawling?

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