Truck of the Week: 5/6/2012 Axial AX10

Travis Boyd describes his Axial AX10 as loaded. He states it “has just about everything you can put on it.” The list of hop-ups include aluminum suspension parts, skid plates, bumpers and the very noticeable XTECH lights. Most of the aluminum suspension parts are from Axial and the body is a 1980 Chevy Blazer CGR from Pro-Line.


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  1. This is an absolutly GORGOUS truck!!!!! ALL of my current bodies he has personally painted. Won’t get rid of a one of them!!!!! Great attention to detail as well!!!! Nice work Travis!!!!!!!

    1. Wow, thanks I just got on the site today to see i made truck of the week from last month,,, total surprise,,,, Thanx

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