HPI Super 5SC Flux RTR 1/5-scale Short Course Truck

In 2006, HPI brought large scale out of the fringes and into mainstream with the Baja 5B was released. HPI didn’t stop there by any means and the lineup of 1/5-scale vehicles has grown and evolved. The latest to officially join the group is the Super 5SC Flux RTR that is as the name indicates, fully assembled and, thanks to Flux power, brushless. The skinny on this particular ride is that it has a heavy amount of Savage DNA and is outfitted with the same short course body used on the popular 5SC gas-powered rig. Highlights include the 4WD all-steel drivetrain and a 2200Kv system designed to run on 6S.

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  1. I was not a fan at Bajafest when we initially got a VERY SMALL sneak peek at it running. The 5th scale “cult” is very much alive with motorheads and even with the small pin-pricks of electric running gear trying to get into the market its really had no effect. I see this truck as a way-point to any new users wanting to see what the 5th scale is all about but less than that when it comes to tried and true guys who have been running both stock and mod gas for any length of time.

    1. You may be right, Ross, in your estimate that it may serve as an entry into large scale. A lot of people see electric as easy compared to even gas rigs.

    2. How did the electrics do in competition compared to the Gas models? As an electric loyalist I wouldn’t really consider a 1/5th scale unless it was electric powered and my Savage Flux is an animal. I can only imagine how awesome this beast must be…can’t wait to see for myself.

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