Tamiya to Release New Truck Chassis

Tamiya has a long history of making good use of some of its touring car chassis by retrofitting them as trucks. A current example is the TA02T which started life as a pavement pounder and is still being sold with the Ford F-150 pre-runner body on it. Why the history snippet? Tamiya recently pulled the wraps off a new chassis that it states will also see truck use. The XV-01 will be called into action for rally cars, on-road and trucks. Tamiya states that the XV stands for “crossover vehicle.” Interestingly, it is belt driven and features a sealed belt driven drivetrain with gear differentials. The Pro-Spec version includes aluminum shocks as well as other option parts.

Tamiya America’s Fred Medel says the yet-t-be-determined truck versions are still in the works, but there may be a summer announcement. He adds but doesn’t confirm that it is possible that the XV-01 would be used with the scale bodies currently offered on on the CC-01.

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  1. I saw the words NEW and Tamiya and got excited. Anyone that know me and the work I do, I have a love affair for Tamiya cars and trucks…. 90% of my Garage are Tamiya….

    The new XV-01 does look pretty cool, and I have to give Tamiya credit here on how current and up to date things are starting to look. The overall appearance and quality of tamiya plastics are getting better. The fact they have bench-marked an entire new chassis yet again proves that while they love slapping 150 different lexan bodies on the same 10 year old chassis they DO come out with new RC vehicles when you don’t expect it. Not as much as some would like, but if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

    Can’t wait to see where this is going to go……

  2. Love the fact that it actually has the motor mounted up front. Can’t wait to see some video on this.

  3. Hmm. A belt-drive rally chassis. Tamiya already has a very good 1/10 rally platform in the DF03RA, and a more than respectable miniature one in the form of the M05RA, so I’m not sure why they need another rally chassis in their line-up. While I suppose it’ll be interesting to see how much of a difference the front motor and belt drive make, I do wish that they had rather concentrated on bringing us a worthy successor to the CC01 that can take on the likes of the Axial SCX10.

  4. well, I had the XV-01 rally version.. it runs very smooth with the ground clearance around 19mm from the lowest point of the central chassis.

    this XV-01 is a much better replacement from the DF03ra (it’s just a rebadge of a buggy version to rally)… but as new things, the availability of the hop up parts comes very slow in the market..

    when I saw tamiya is going to work on a XV-01t truck version, somehow it’s kinda wrong coz comparing the chassis to an axial.. axial would probably win especially in the crawling department.

    it will make sense if tamiya’s target is to enter the “short cource” truck with it’s XV-01 chassis..


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