Truck of the Week: 5/13/2012 Unlimited Engineering Lightning SuperMaxx

Joe Chuhak, president of Michigan MONSTERS of RC, sent us pictures of his Unlimited Engineering Lightning SuperMaxx that he describes as the pride and joy of my fleet. We can see why he is so fond of this machine. Joe states while the actual build took only a month or so, collecting all the components took the better part of a couple of years. The core of the truck is Unlimited Engineering and to say it is loaded with gear from the company would be an understatement. Much of the truck’s stock components have been replaced with parts such as the Victory Bulkless System and Racer X suspension setup. Panter Maxx slicks were used  a Pro-Line Bulldog body painted Mernardo Matos. A Tekin RX8 speed control matched with a 2250Kv motor provide the go. For some etxra show, the trick marble anodizing on the wheels, transmission case VBS was done by Anodizers Inc. CVD’s were lubed with Cow RC Moo Slick and Gorilla Snawt in the transmission and diff cases, diffs have 10K and 7K weights in them. This rundown doesn’t even list half of what Joe has done to this truck.

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Cow RC
Michigan Monster of RCI
Unlimited Engineering

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      1. I did a ton of homework on this one before I was set on the final build. I wanted it to be good to go the first time around! Getting the Ti CVD’s and Lightning Cradles were icing on the cake for this one. 🙂

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