Durango DNX408T 1/8-scale Truggy

We describe Durango as an RC boutique brand. The materials are usually top shelf so to speak, the designs usually incorporate some element of uniqueness and the overall look is unmistakingly high end. Those are the good parts and the reasons why a lot of racers have been drawn to Durango’s previous releases. The downside of boutique brands is that they are usually not backed by as much factory support and built upon as much research and design. That too, at least in our opinion, also summed up Durango…but now Durango is own by Hobbico. While we may have previously been a little gun shy to jump on the Durango bandwagon every time a new vehicle was announced, now we are pretty interested in their latest, the DNX408T.

Durango states that the DNX408T is designed to be the best performing and best looking truggy on the market. As with other Durango vehicles, the DNX408T looks loaded. It looks to be loaded lots of finely machined aluminum. The diff access is designed to be easy–we like that! The overall layout is very weight forward, so based on looks, it shouldn’t steer like a bus–we like that too!

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  1. There is something special about the way Durango presents its vehicles. Their web pages are the very best I’ve seen in the RC hobby, loaded with great high resolution images and support files, videos and setup sheets. I’ve been drooling over this truggy since the first spy shots, and based on the production info I have a feeling I’m going to have to buy one when it ships. The big question is, how far off their estimate of “late May” do we really think it will be for US availability of the DNX408T?

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