Truck of the Week: 5/20/2012 Axial SCX10

We’ve featured Mike Eaton’s work before–for good reason. His scale truck shown here is simply awesome. It’s an Axial SCX10 fitted with a Tamiya Clod Buster hard plastic body. Mike detailed the body to look like a GMC. The hood and tailgate are operational and Mike made the toolbox and sun visor himself. A Rogue Element Components drop bed adds added scale dimension.

Axial Racing
Rogue Element Components

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  1. Awesome, that was my first full out scale build attempt (at least in my eyes). That was exciting to do and currently I am working on another similar build. Clod bodies are such a cool platform… the truck is iconic!

  2. That’s a very nice build. From a certified Chevy enthusiasts, I say you did that clod body builld justice and the sunken bed is a great touch. I have had my clod body for some years now, Been mounted to many builds. It is retired on my TLT build. Great platforms indeed. Nice job.

  3. i really like this build. i was just wondering how you mounted that drop bed on the chassis. im trying to make my own.good job on the body.

    1. That is a Tamiya Clod Buster body. It’s hard plastic, which means it is more like a plastic model material than typical Lexan used in RC. It also means it paints like a real body (paint on the outside) and can be fairly easily detailed and modified.

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