Tip of the Week: 5/27/2012 Better Grip

The scalloped replacement grips sold for transmitters may be a bit too much for many people, but the stock foam grips can be improved–especially for long races. To make it easier to maintain your grip and make it much easier to find it should your hand move, use a sanding drum on a rotary tool to carve shallow indents where your finger tips naturally rest. Go slow and only make shallow indentations. You’ll immediately notice how valuable this modification is the next time you race.

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  1. Also don’t forget to maintain the grip itself,

    After a fair ammount of races, the foam rubber collects dirt and oils from your fingers and will have a build up to a point where it’s shinny and slick feeling. Every so often I’ll put on some foam tire traction compound to clean and soften the grip. Keeping it feeling, well, grippy. Helps a bunch.

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