Truck of the Week: 6/3/2012 Axial-based Custom Jeep

David Brosius is undeniably impressive looking; it’s even more impressive when you learn that he fabricated almost everything on the truck with the exceptions of the Axial AX10 axles, Axial transmission and the hard-plastic Jeep body lifted off a toy-grade rig. The chassis was made out from a 1/2-inch steel box stock that he cut and bent. David also made the light bar and front and rear bumpers. David also points out that the hood opens.

Axial Racing 

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  1. Man that’s sweet! Love the color and the Mickey Thompson tires are a great choice! I could really use them tail lights; can any one tell me exactly what body this is and where I can find one? My jeep build is on hold because I can’t find the right tail lights for it.

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