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Full-Size Off-Road Competition with RC

One of the reasons I love RC rock crawlers and scale trucks so much is that I love full-size off-roading. My first truck was a 1977 Ford F-150 that started stock but was soon lifted and fitted with 40-inch tall tires–it saw a lot of mud. These days, my truck is a rather tame Jeep Cherokee. With a family and a house–you know the deal–my 1996 XJ is a true cheap Jeep. So, I get my more hardcore off-road fix through RC–and I know I’m not alone. I recently jumped at the chance to attend a full-size off-road competition when the guys at the up-and-coming Monadnock Radio Control Rock Crawlers club invited me up to a rock crawling competition in Keene, New Hampshire. Since Keene is my old and much-loved stomping ground and RC would be part of the show, I didn’t have to be asked twice.

The rock crawling event was help at the Cheshire Fair Grounds which are right outside of Keene in Swanzey, NH. It was a one-day event that took place June 9, 2012. The trucks ran on a U-shaped course that had dirt mounts, mud, large table tops, whoops, logs and a long run of rocks. The competitors ran the course twice–if they didn’t break. The first run started on a muddy table top and looped around to conclude on the rock garden. The second run started with the rocks.




I have to give all of the competitors a lot of credit. Don’t let the photos or video fool you–this wasn’t easy an event at all. While attendance was low, I am willing to bet the Cheshire Fair Grounds will crank up the promotion efforts and draw more people in to watch and compete at the next event (schedule for June 30, 2012). The event itself was very well run and the course was well designed.

The RC course consisted of a large rock pile to attempt to summit and a scale trail. As usual, the RC rigs–a mix scale and comp rigs–got a lot of attention. There were custom rigs, Axial SCX10’s, Axial Wraiths, Venom Creepers and a variety of other RC trucks on display.


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