Tip of the Week: 6/10/2012 Neat Wires

Servo wires flopping around inside your chassis look hack but also are vulnerable to moving parts like gears and drive shafts. Neat wiring is far less likely to get damaged. The easiest way to take care of extra long servo wires (and speed control wires) is to coil the wires around the shaft of a screwdriver. I often wrap the wires tight and neat and then quickly hit it with my heat gun (totally optional) and let the wires cool. This helps create a coil that will stay in the wires. The coil will stay even without applying the heat.

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  1. By far my favorite way to tidy up those servo wires, ESC and others when ever possible. Applying a small about of heat from even a hair dryer tends to help them keep there shape a bit longer too. (That’s what I use)

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