Novak Eiger Crawling Combo Systems

Novak continues to heavily support the crawling and scale scenes. Evidence: two Eiger crawling combo systems. One is a Eiger Pro speed control matched with a Rock Star 35-turn and the other is a traditional Eiger controlled with a Terra Claw 35-turn sealed can motor. While 55-turn motors used to be the norm for crawling, the huge number of scalers out there (and comp runners wanting wheel speed) has shifted the popular choice to 35-turn.

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  1. I run Novak in 3 of my trucks and love the way they run. I actually ended up losing one of my scale rigs in a deep creek, but it didn’t hurt a thing! It was the 35 turn Rock Star motor with the Eiger esc and I did NOT yet have it waterproofed! They are tough systems to say the least..

  2. So I was looking to read a review… didnt find one. This article tells me nothing about the syatem at hand. Onle that therw arw two models one with a rockstar motor and the other a terra claw. Generaly when people read a review they arw looking for a few things.
    Price ranges
    Overall performance
    Brief distription of what said item is and does and why it does it.
    Satisfaction of said item
    So on and so on..

    For someone with 25yrs rc exp id think you would already know this

    The only reason im kinda being a dick is b/c the title says “review” and this is nothing close to that.

    1. Edward, please reread the title. You say it says review, but it does not. I don’t think the word review appears anywhere in the story for that matter. This story is a news item and is accordingly posted in the News section. It is not posted in the Reviews section. Our reviews do, indeed, cover the items you mention. You can check out our reviews here. Thank you checking out RC Truck Stop and thank you for commenting. I hope the matter is cleared up.

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