Tip of the Week: 6/17/2012 Safe Receiver

Most people use a single layer of servo tape to secure their receivers. You should actually use two or even three layers of tape. The thick amount of tape will act as a shock absorber for the delicate receiver. This is a good practice whether you run AM, FM or 2.4GHz. Side note: never run a receiver loose and flopping around inside a receiver box. Either tape it down or wrap it in soft foam.

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  1. I use a similar product like pictured above. Scotch brand Clear Mounting Tape works awesome. Sticks like a champ and will roll off your RC surface with ease and no residue. I hate the foam tape that leaves a ton of material on the surface after trying to get it off and you have to end up using Goo Gone to even get it completely clean. Good stuff man!


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