Tip of the Week: 6/24/2012 Better Deans Ultra Plug

The Deans Ultra Plug is arguably the most popular aftermarket battery plug in RC. As well as this connector performs, it can be improved. The common complaint about this connector also happens to be one of its advantages–its compact size. People complain that because the connector is so small they are often forced to grab the wires when pulling the plug apart, and if the solder joint isn’t strong, the wires will break free. First, make sure you’re solder joint is strong as it shouldn’t break free. That said, if you want to make the Ultra Plug much easier to grip, use a rotary tool such as a Dremel with a cutting wheel (wear eye protection) to cut three grooves in the plug. Cut the grooves very lightly in the plug and cut them on both sides. If you go with a light tough, you won’t come close to compromising the strength of the plug. Of course, never perform this modification when the plug is attached to a battery.




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