Losi TEN-SCT Nitro RTR Short Course Truck

Quick history lesson. When short course first exploded, it was all about and almost only about 1/10-scale electric. The segment grew at an amazing rate and grew to huge proportions. And, it was all essentially 1/10-scale electric. There were nitro rigs, but they got largely ignored–at least in comparison. Well, now a little of the craziness of the craze seems to be stabilizing and we’re seeing more variety. Short course hasn’t slowed down or relinquished any of its choke hold on the hobby, but the blind madness of everyone rushing to get their hat in the ring has calmed. the end result is more variety. A great example is the new TEN-SCT Nitro RTR. It’s an extremely close cousin to the electric TEN-SCTE which makes sense since the TEN-SCT was based on a nitro vehicle, the 810. Key features on this ride include waterproof electronics, 2.4GHz radio system, 3.4 nitro engine and 1/8-scale style drivetrain.

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