Pro-Line Low CG Traxxas Slash Chassis

It’s not top secret, but this new low center-of-gravity chassis for the Traxxas Slash was kept under wraps until Pro-Line posted it on its Facebook Page and company Blog. The chassis replaces the molded composite plastic chassis with a narrow aluminum plate. Obviously, when you add this chassis kit with Pro-Line Performance Transmission, ProTrac suspension kit and Power Stroke shocks, you will have one very capable race truck.

As always, RC Truck Stop brings you more than cut-and-paste news. We hit up Pro-Line and got the scoop on this new product from Gerardo Gonzalez. Gerardo works in product development and also happens to be a wheel when it comes to racing. Gerardo revealed that he will most likely be racing this chassis at the upcoming 2012 Short Course Nationals to be held at RC Madness in Enfield, CT. Check out what Gerardo had to say about the chassis below.

1. RC Truck Stop

Why aluminum for the main plate as opposed to fiberglass or graphite plate?
Gerardo Gonzalez
We went with aluminum because it’s more durable and is stiffer. And, the extra weight gives you a better CG.

2. RC Truck Stop
Besides an obviously lower CG, what are some of the improvement the engineers were going for?
Improved side to side weight balance because all the components are centered on the chassis. You can adjust the battery front to back to help find the ideal weight balance on the track. Battery can be placed as far forward as the servo and as far back as the shock tower.

3. RC Truck Stop
Is a 4WD Slash chassis next?
Nothing in the works right now.

4. RC Truck Stop
What is the expected price point?
Expect pricing to be similar to other chassis conversion kits on the market.

5. RC Truck Stop
Any other vehicles in Pro-Line’s sights for a performance makeover?
Not at the moment, we’ll see how this one goes.

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