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Trail Jam 3.0 R/C Excitement

R/C Excitement in Fitchburg, MA is a full service RC hobby shop with a well stocked store and numerous tracks. In addition to traditional tracks there are a number of scale off-road obstacle courses, and that brings us to our story here. On June 30, 2012, R/C Excitement hosted the Trail Jam 3.0. The Trail Jam 3.0 consisted of a sled pull, obstacle course hill climb and concluded with a old fashioned tug-o-war. Classes included 1.9 and 2.2 scale vehicles. R/C Excitement keep the rules pretty loose and the goal is provide a fun event that offers a good mix of challenges and still has a certain element of competition.

The first event of the day was the sled pull and R/C Excitement had use of a fully functional weight transfer sled. The sled proved to be a good match as only a select few made full pulls.


The obstacle course is a long course with a variety of, well, obstacles. The course also included a number of elevation changes, but the most interesting twist is that each vehicle started in water. After getting the tires unavoidably wet, trucks had to attempt to climb over a series of muddy logs and then navigate a mini Rubicon stretch of rocks. After a challenging start, hills, pits and bridges all slowed down the pace.


The hill climb starts with a twisty run that proved to be more challenging than first appearances indicated. A quick decision allowed competitors to use reverse–until they hit the base of the hill. Once on the hill, it was make progress of you’re done. Only one 1.9 truck was able to make over the top, but the 2.2 trucks fared much better. That said, most trucks failed to make it over the top of the hill.

The event of the day was the tug-o-war. It’s pretty simple. Trucks were paired up and changed together. The only unexpected part is that most of the trucks proved to be too evenly matched–at least on dirt. Most match up ended up with a whole lot of wheel spinning and not a whole lot of pulling.



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