Truck of the WeeK: 7/15/2012 Axial SCX10

I think Michael Pham has more money in his well-prepared SCX10 than I have in my full-size Jeep. Michael has three Tekin speed control. Yes, three! He uses a Tekin RS to control the 17.5-turn brushless motor. A Tekin FXR controls the winch and B1R is hooked up to the lights to allow Michael to dim them. The winch is a Quick Sand 8274 with a synthetic Dyneema line. RC Rock Armor front bumper, rear hitch mount and lower brass links are used. A RC Rock Armor steering link is also used. Jealous yet?

A whole slew of Vanquish parts are used to essentially completely rebuild and upgrade the axles. The Vanquish parts include aluminum axle housings and seven aluminum rims! 25 LEDs are found on the rig and the truck is completely waterproof thanks to Traxxas receiver boxes (three are used). The Woodsman trailer is from Dinky RC and Pro-Line scale shocks and Flat Iron tires are used. Let’s catch our breath and keep going.

Michael uses an Airtronics MT-4 to control everything and he hooked up the telemetry so he can monitor speed, motor temp and voltage as he drives. Steering is handled by a Hitec 7980 servo. The drivers are from HPI and the drivetrain is beefed up with MIP drive shafts and Axial universal axles. The ring and pinion gears have also been replaced with heavy-duty parts from Axial. There’s even more details, but we’ll stop there before you guys start to hate Michael.

Michael states his truck has allowed him to earn numerous podium finishes at RECON G6 events and he took third place in Ultra Class at 2012 AxialFest. Michael has a very impressive RC truck and I’m willing to bet he’s not done yet.


Dinky RC
RC Rock Armor

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  1. jeez did he rob the hobby store for parts! his scx 10 has more money in parts than my fullsize truck with a full tank of fuel, in fact 4 brand new all terrains would be less than half the parts on this thin

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