U-Review Announced! Hot New Addition to the RC Community

There are literally thousands of RC products out there–isn’t it great?! It is great … but there is a downside–sorta. Actually, the problem is twofold. First, there are so many choices that it can easily get a little overwhelming. Second, there are so many products, RC Truck Stop can’t possibly review all of them. Well, that’s where you come in.


This is your chance to: 1) Share your experiences, 2) Help other RC’ers spend wisely, and 3) Potentially receive some great RC gear for FREE!

  1. By participating in RC Truck Stop’s U-Review program, you get the opportunity to share your experiences on a platform that is different than typical RC communities. RC Truck Stop is a media site. The reviews we share are credible, professional reviews. U-Review articles included.
  2. Your U-Review submissions help other enthusiasts know what is good to go and what should be avoided. When you write a U-Review, you are helping someone (or many someones) make a good decision and/or avoid a costly mistake. We all want to hear about what’s good out there.
  3. Free is generally good. And, we know RC’ers think free RC stuff is more than just generally good–they think it’s awesome! So, here’s the deal. When you are writing U-Review articles that are valuable (they get a lot of views and comments) to the RC community, we will reward you. You will get hooked up. U-Review contributors will be randomly selected to receive products. This is not a contest.

What qualifies for a U-Review? RC gear. Tires, batteries, cases, motors, bodies, accessories, etc, etc. Is your new 8-channel, 500 model memory NASA inspired $800 4.8GHz transmitter a good choice? Nope. That will get a full review. Is that Delrin spur gear you installed a solid pick? It’s perfect!

But you can’t write. Odds are you’re a better communicator than you think. Notice I said communicator and not writer. People who worry about writing, start worrying before they even type a word and it’s pretty much guaranteed to go downhill from there. U-Review submissions must be 250 words or less. A U-Review is exactly what you’d tell your buddy at the track when he asks you what you think of the aftermarket A-arms you’re running. You wouldn’t get writer’s block; you would just tell him what you thought. And, you wouldn’t go on for 2,000 words. Odds are if you did, your buddy would walk away making up some excuse. “Um, I need to check the race sheets again.” If you’re still worried about your writing keep in mind that we are professional editors. We’ll tune it up. Now, even a carpenter can’t make a three-story mansion out of an outhouse, if you know what we mean, so do your best to submit something you’re proud of.

Here’s the quick and dirty of what you need to know about the U-Review program:

  • All submissions must be 250 words or less.
  • Include your full name and state of residence.
  • A photo of the product must be included. It must be shown installed or in used condition. No photos lifted off the ‘net such as from manufacturers’ websites.
  • Almost all small RC products are appropriate, but search the site to make sure it hasn’t been reviewed previously.
  • Not all submissions are guaranteed to be published. One more time: Not all submissions are guaranteed to be published.
  • Not every submission means you will get rewarded with free RC gear.
  • No sponsored drivers are allowed to submit.
  • Send all submissions to matt@rctruckstop.com

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  1. i had bought a scx-10 for my son for compitition, from being straight out of the box we ended up replacing the drive shafts with traxxas 2 wheel drives ones this worked alot better because they were a little more meat at the end of the shafts wich kept from breaking from being under tork, also replace the links with alunium ones this helped keep the truck from being twisted during runs, also team associated 1015 steering servo with metal gears, helps with the loads under steering stress, we run a futuba magnum t3pk gun n receiver, this was due to the origanal equipment breaking the return to center on the am radio broke off inside the gun, thats how we ended up with the links instead of the plastic, when we called the tech they were really nice and sent everything to us quickly, for the excange.. running a team 5500mah 60c lipo being said with that my son took home two plaques in a compition without much experience, (the truck was about a week old) way to go scx-10… thanks matt but i aint much of a writer, is this what your looking for.. thanks ed

    1. ps the links also har traxxas eyes on the ends with the steel balls in them,,, they were a little looser when the parts are moving compare to the black origanils

    2. This is great feedback and insight, Edward, but the U-Reviews will each be about a single product such as a servo or motor. We now have a U-Review up. Check that out.

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