U-Review: Novak Rock Star 45-turn Motor

I recently purchased a Novak Rock Star 45-turn brushed motor for my Axial SCX10 scale rock crawler. Wow! This motor is a work horse! I have kept the stock 87-tooth spur gear, but went up to a 23-tooth pinion from the stock 20-tooth pinion. The Rock Star has loads of punch for those tough situations but still has plenty of low-end torque and grunt for crawling. It does not run hot and will outrun the stock motor in speed and torque. I would recommend this motor to anyone who is running a brushed motor setup in their SCX10 or similar scale crawler. All this for a mere $45.00 shipped!–Matthew Lane, Oregon


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  1. I love the Novak line of motors! I am running the Rock Star 35 in my scale rig and have a Rooster 55 turn in another. Novak are pioneers and as long as the prices stay realistic, I’ll stay faithful as a customer.

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