Tip of the Week: 7/22/2012 Clean Transportation

Your RC truck can get downright dirty after a bash session or a day of racing. Sometimes your truck can even get pretty nasty with mud. Don’t leave that mess in your trunk or in the back of your SUV. Instead get an inexpensive boot tray and leave it in your trunk. The tray is the perfect place to drop your dirty rig when your done with the fun. Boot trays can be found for under $10, so don’t just buy the first one you see as they can be expensive.

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  1. great idea. ive found that the large rubbermaid bins also work great for storage/transport, to keep your rig, spare parts, and tools together. the best part: the top cover doubles as an effective pit mat/work tray. most even have a lip around the edge to contain dirt and screws.

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