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Monster Jam Drivers Reach Out

RC Truck Stop recently teamed up with Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam drivers John Seasock, driver of the Advanced Auto Parts Grinder, and Taryn Taskey, pilot of Monster Mutt, to bring some fun times and a positive message to a youth group at the Northwest Hartford Boys & Girls Club in Hartford, CT.

John and Taryn were in Connecticut to compete at the Monster Jam competition held Saturday and Sunday at Stafford Motor Speedway in Stafford Springs, CT. John is a two-time racing world champion. While Taryn is a newcomer to the sport, she went on to win the coveted freestyle competition on Sunday. Three shows were held at Stafford–two on Saturday and one on Sunday.


On Friday, John and Taryn gave the large audience of local of kids a motivational and obviously heartfelt presentation on following your dreams. John and Taryn discussed the value of following good role models, staying in school, avoiding drugs and bad influences and the amount of science and math involved in monster trucks.

John described, for example, the science behind the centered driver’s seat position using the analogy that all of the kids (and adults) could relate to–the playground teeter totter. John explained that not only is the seat centered for visibility and safety, but mostly because, like sitting in the center of a teeter totter as opposed to the outside perches, the movements the driver feels are greatly diminished. He added that this was a great example of physics learned in school being applied to how monster trucks are built.


As a young woman in a mostly male dominated sport, Taryn spoke about staying focused and committed. She added that she views education as one of the most important aspects of her life and is still continuing her college studies even though she has become a professional Monster Jam driver.

John and Taryn followed their speeches with some wheel time using Traxxas Monster Jam Race Replica RC trucks and even gave some hands-on lessons in driving as many of the boys and girls got the opportunity to take the wheel.


You can find John Seasock’s bio here.

You can find Taryn Laskey’s bio here.

You can learn more about Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam and all of the drivers here.


Driver and truck images courtesy of Feld Motor Sports

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  1. This is really cool, being new the RC hobby as well as Monster Jam, this is very awesome. You really don’t have professional athletes, or famous people doing outreach anymore. They usually need an incentive to do something like this, but from everything I’ve read, it seems the monster jam drivers and teams like doing these type of events, major kudos to them! Can’t wait to take my son next February to our first Monster Jam at Dodger Stadium!

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