U-Review: Savox SC-0251MG Servo

In this RC Truck Stop U-Review, I am going over the Savox SC-0251MG servo. This little beast produces  222 oz./in. at 6 volts. This is enough to steer a Tamiya Clod Buster around, make a short course truck hold its line or bow the stock plastic steering links on an Axial Scx10. At a low price of $40.00 at most hobby shops, it doesn’t hurt your wallet either. This is a great upgrade for a RTR. I run this servo in Taco (my Axial Scx10) and have not had a problem. And, I have run the truck up trees, through ponds, over pallets and deep in beach sand. This is one tough, affordable Servo. Go to your local hobby shop and check one out today.–Chris Marsh, North Carolina


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