Truck of the Week: 8/12/2012 Tamiya Clod Buster

Um, we love it! What a great looking truck. The look and stance is simply awesome! Gavyn Johnson of Richmond, VA owns this custom Tamiya Clod Buster that features a ZRP Diablo chassis (made by Jon Zyck). The chassis is made out of carbon fiber with aluminum links, aluminum upper link mounts, an aluminum servo mount, rear lockout that can Gavyn states can double as a rear steer setup. The truck also has a custom BTA setup. Gavyn says he upgraded to aluminum tubes and knuckles with RC4WD aluminum wideners, TXT wheels painted black and RC4WD Rumble tires. This monster is powered by two Reedy brushless systems and uses a Savox steering servo. Gavyn adds that he is in love with this truck and with RC. We can see why!



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  1. Hey Gavyn, mike baylis here, its nice to see guys still putting in a 100% into there clods, great job, hope to see you next year at diggers!

  2. Thanks Mike…it was good to meet you down there. wish I had my clods ready lol…ill be there next year for sure. I hope the Clod never dies, The G.O.A.T.

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