Truck of the Week: 8/5/2012 Tamiya CR-01 Bronco

There are all sorts of builds out there from mild to wild. Of course, the over-the-top ones garner a lot of attention, but every once in awhile we see a truck that appears tame but is actually more than meets the eye. Scott Shastay’s Tamiya CR-01 Bronco first got our attention because it’s a nice, clean build. He painted it himself and did a great job. Then we checked out his list of hop-ups. This CR-01 is a true sleeper! It’s loaded. He used parts from Tamiya, GPM, Hot Racing, STRC, 3Racing, Atomic, Tobee and X Spede. Needless to say, we doubt there is a single plastic part left on the machine. When we asked Scott about any mods he made to his truck, he prepared an impressive list. Scott put more work into making a detailed list than most people put into their trucks. Some of the highlights include Tamiya’s Silver Luster chassis rails, reenforced driveshafts and aluminum bead lock rings. He also added just about every GPM aluminum part and a slew of aluminum hop-ups from the previously mentioned companies.


Hot Racing
X Spede

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  1. Thanks for the write-up Matt!! There are a couple of stock plastic part’s left on it. Had to keep the battery tray since no one offers an up-grade for it yet and it acts as part of the frame. Also kept the stock bumper, I have the GPM silver aluminum bumper, but it’s the only GPM part that I wasn’t happy with. It didn’t seem to line up correctly, when on it looked off-set. Thanks again for this great chance to win some awesome stuff from Axial. Keep up the fantastic work my friend!!

  2. I really like the scale look of RC Channels CR-01 axle kit. Does anyone have any experience with them? I would think that for the amount of money they go for, they would be well made, but would like to be sure. Any info would be great.

      1. Yeah, they are unique which is cool. Maybe someday i’ll talk myself into gettin them.
        Thanks for the reply Matt.

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