Durango DESC210 Race Ready RTR

Durango has surprised us with some recent announcements about RTRs being added to its race fleet. Of course, it isn’t all that shocking for a company to have pre-builts. In fact, it’s very much the norm these days. We were surprised, however, in this case because Durango is now owned by Hobbico which means when you look at the entire team, RTRs are all covered by other Hobbico brands such as Arrma and Duratrax. But, Durango wisely made these vehicles a little different by going with a Race Ready position. And, when we saw the Race Ready description we immediately started checking out the goods to see just how serious they were. We were impressed when we saw the power system was a Speed Passion 13.5-turn and is, thankfully, sensored. Speed Passion gear is gaining in popularity, but the sensored part is what seals the deal for us as being Race Ready. While we hate to judge a book by its cover, we couldn’t help but notice that the tires don’t look to be racing kicks. That really doesn’t bother us since odds are you’ll have to swap out whatever they included for the right tires for your particular track. Overall, we’re impressed and look forward to getting our hands on one of these 2WD trucks in the near future.

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