Tip of the Week: 8/19/2012 WD-40 Pretreat

RC can get dirty. Odds are the more fun you’re having the dirtier things are getting. Whether you’re about to hit a muddy trail with your scaler or about to tear up the track with your truggy, a healthy spray of the easy-to-find lubricant WD-40 can make cleanup much easier and increase performance. Spraying the entire underside of a scale truck will prevent mud from sticking. Spraying the bottom of the chassis and the rear suspension and drivetrain of your truggy and short course truck will keep the moving parts working smoothly and keep heavy dirt from throwing parts out of balance.

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  1. Good tip! When we used to race motocross we would spray the undersides of our fenders with WD-40 at muddy races to help keep mud from sticking. It worked pretty good, but I bet Moo-Slick would work even better.

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