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RC Truck Warz

So, you have a scale truck. Maybe it’s a stock Axial SCX10 Honcho, or maybe it’s custom built. Ready for some real fun?

RC Truck Warz is the ultimate off-road test of truck and driver. RC Truck Warz events consist of three Segments of competition: Tough Truck, Speed and then Skills. Each Segment consists of a variety of different possible Stages.

A RC Truck Warz event can be a quick-but-fun affair with one Stage from each Segment being run, or it can be a two-day championship-level event with four Stages from each Segment being run for a total of 12 Stages.

RC Truck Warz is designed for drivers of all skill and experience levels, and trucks from ready-to-run to one-off custom builds can compete. Best of all, anyone can win.

Below are the rules and guideline for a scale competition that any club or hobby shop can host.


updated 10/23/2013


1.9 Street (AKA Class 2):
> Tires must be designed for 1.9-inch wheels
> Maximum 4.75-inch tire diameter
> Off-the-shelf tires only
> No dig transmissions
> 2-wheel steering only
> Single-speed transmission
> Shaft-driven drivetrain required
> Scale body or scale tuber (must resemble 1:1)
> 13-inch max wheelbase
> Single speed control and motor
> Chassis mounted battery only
> No twin vertical plate chassis (i.e. comp-style)
> 2-cell LiPo and 7-cell NiMH battery limit*
> Trucks not meeting all rules will be placed in the 2.2 Modified class
* This rule is on hold indefinitely

2.2 Modified (AKA Class 3):
> Up to 2.2-inch rims
> Custom tires allowed
> Dig transmissions allowed
> 4-wheel steering allowed
> Multiple-speed transmissions allowed
> Scale body or scale tuber (must resemble full-size)
> No maximum wheelbase
> Chassis mounted battery only
> No battery, speed control or motor limit

Most RC Truck Warz event will have an equal or near equal number of Stages from each Segment of competition. This ensures a well rounded competition. There can be as few as three total Stages or as many as 12 Stages.

Tough Truck Segment Portion:
> Obstacle course: Longer course with a variety of climbs and obstacles designed to test the power, maneuverability and general off-road capability of the truck as well as the participant’s driving skills. Check point markers placed after obvious obstacles
> Frame Twister: Short, aggressive course of consecutive obstacles of rocks, logs and mud
> Rock Crawl: Mini Rubicon style rock crawling challenge
> Mud Bog: Straight-line mud bog that gets progressively deeper

Speed Segment Portion:
> Drag Race: Straight-line time trial on pavement, sand or dirt
> Long jump: (“clean” landing required, distance measured at first landing point
> Slalom: Timed run through a series of cones
> Sled pull: Dead weight sled pull. Scored by distance or time if full pull is achieved. Pulling sled can be used if available, but is not required
> Hill Climb: Single run measured for distance or time if climb to finish line is achieved. Judge decides distance based on the front edge of furthest front tire. Climb stops when forward momentum ceases (more than three seconds), vehicle leaves course, vehicle rolls or vehicles reverses or slides backwards

Skills Segment Portion*:
> Tire Change: Spare tire swap or front-to-rear or side-to-side swap
> Teeter Totter: Balance truck on teeter totter device
> Vehicle Recovery: Flip rolled-over another using winch or strap
> Reverse Run: Truck must navigate a simple U-shaped run entirely in reverse
*all timed events

The winner of each stage is given a score of 100, and second for each stage is awarded 99 points and so forth. The highest total score wins. Ties for the overall win will decided by a tug-of-war. Tug-of-wars work best on pavement and if no clear winner is decided after one minute. The truck that has pulled the other the furthest is the winner.

> Vehicles must run all events in the same configuration! No tire or other component swaps or additions other than for repairs! Weight cannot be added or removed for stages.
> Winch recommended and pull strap recommended (for Vehicle Recovery)
> Unlimited motor turns or Kv
> On non-timed events such as long jump, first place with the longest jump will receive a score on 100, second place will receive a score of 99, third place will receive a score 98 and so on

> Hitting any boundary or checkpoint marker is a one minute (+1) time penalty. Vehicle will be returned to last check point when a boundary is contacted
> Winching can only be done to fixed points or by using Pull Pal type devices. The driver cannot be a winch point
> HoG (Hand of God) Recovery Penalty – If a flipped vehicle cannot be righted under its own power or via its winch, the judge (or allow the driver) can right the vehicle back on all fours without moving it forward (this cannot be used to obtain forward progress). This is a three minute (+3) time penalty
> HoG Advancement Penalty – If a stuck vehicle cannot be moved under its own power or via its winch, the judge can relocate it so that they rear tires are at the next checkpoint. This is a five minute (+5) time penalty
> Max time for each event will be predetermined by Event Director
*Rules also apply to Frame Twister and slalom events (no winching on slalom).

 A competition
Event Director: Lead event organizer and director
Segment: One of three parts of a Challenge. The three Segments are Tough Truck, Speed and Skills. There are a variety of Stages within each Segment
Stage: A specific challenge within a Segment

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  1. I love the idea! I’d love to see comps like this start popping up. Reminds me a lot of the Four Wheeler magazine Top Truck Challenge. You’d really have to have a well thought out rig to do well in all areas.

  2. This seems perfect for my son and I. We race, but bought two Honchos and would love to use them in a competition like this. It would be great if they did a Truck Warz event at our hobby store. We drove an hour to a rock crawling competition. We’ve driven longer for races, so that was no big deal, but there were only seven drivers there and it wasn’t that much fun. I have to say this seems like it would be more fun.

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