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Traxxas Son-uva Digger

This has us excited. We admit it. We’re big time fans of the whole Grave Digger lineup and the Traxxas Son-uva Digger truck driven by Dennis Anderson’s son, Ryan, is simply cool. This 1/10-scale 2WD Stampede-based Monster Jam Replica will be outfitted like the other trucks in the lineup–AM TQ radio, 7-cell NiMH battery and 550 brushed motor. As you can see, many of the plastic parts have been colored blue to carry the Son-uva Digger look to the chassis and suspension.


Learn more here.

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  1. I would actually get this one…looks awesome.

    I would like to see them do Avenger, MM Dalmation, Spiderman, GD Legend, Bounty Hunter…If they are only doing Feld trucks then Avenger and Bounty Hunter are out.

  2. I would actually get this one…looks awesome.

    I would like to see them do Avenger, MM Dalmation, Spiderman, GD Legend, Bounty Hunter…If they are only doing Feld trucks then Avenger and Bounty Hunter are out.

  3. I hope they keep them coming. This one is very sweet and with the several different truck options they release the better my events will be in this class having multiple different entries. Makes the competition that much better when we do not have half a dozen regular diggers in the mix.

    Way to go TRAXXAS!!! Love it!

  4. I’d like them to do the next series on the stampede 4×4 platform. I have the 1/16, and just ordered the 30th anniversary 1/10th. All around awesome though!

  5. these independent suspension monster trucks are sacrilege for me. monster truck = 4wd, solid axle, massive tires, 4ws, and crazy tube frame thing. in that order. i know beggars cant be choosers, but 1/4 does not cut the mustard for me. at least the wheel/tire combo is passable

    they feel like all the movie remakes and video game sequels lately; been there, seen it before, i want something new and fresh. how long has the stampede been around? traxxas has become obsessed w brand licenses and sponsors. summit doesnt count, slash was a while ago(how many body/wheel varieties are there?)

    after axial’s huge sucess, and these not really scale traxxas replicas, im stunned tamiya hasn’t released anything to compete. all of this should be either a slap in the face, or a kick in the pants for them, yet they havent done much lately(except re-releasing the bruiser) man o man are they missing out on some cash. and im not even a tamiya fan, but they used to be the solid axle and scale kings, essentially creating these catagories. /endramblings

    1. While I am personally a big fan of the Traxxas Monster Jam Replicas–they are simply a lot of fun to bash around–you are not alone in your belief that monster trucks should have realistic axles and suspension designs. That said, check out what Grave Digger driver Randy Brown has to say about monster trucks and independent suspension here.

      I would love to see Tamiya take another stab at making a scale monster truck. That would be cool. Instead of waiting around, mopin’ and hopin’, I decided to make my own modern monster. Keep checking back for the unveiling.

      By the way, thank you very much for your comment. It serves as a great example on how to offer a “dissenting opinion” without bashing, flaming or insulting anyone or anything. See people, it can be done!

  6. oh yea forgot about the cr01, memory is getting sketchy. but its not a ‘true’ comp crawler, not scale, and i guess traxxas bought out the right to the monsters. but put a digger shell on it and its closer than a stampede in a dress.

    just my 2 cents after reading the very positive comments

  7. I agree with you guys…would love to see Tamiya do something MT again or even Axial… I had John Boyer do a tube chassis built around an Axial Wraith transmission and axles for me.


    I think if Traxxas did the MJ replicas on the Emaxx plateform it wouldve been better but I guess they were trying to keep the cost down. If they did a true 1/10 we could at least use the cool bodies on the Clods lol..

  8. I too miss the solid axial monster trucks, so I made one I love the tire on these trucks so I used the on my scx10 and used a body for 1/10 “monster trucks” i love it. If u look u can find a pic on rcsparks forum

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