Truck of the Week: 9/2/2012 Axial Wraith

Tom Sikes of Salem, OR started with a stock Axial Wraith kit and quickly changed the stock part. On top of his truck is a Pro-Line Bronco shell. He kept the stock soft Ripsaw tires, but mounted them on Axial’s XR10 rims. Tom then added the full STRC aluminum treatment. Apparently, more aluminum was in order, so a Golden Horizons skid plate and front shock towers were bolted up. A RC4WD CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo) kit changes up the front steering and suspension. Vanquish upper links add to the list which doesn’t come close to stopping there. Tom’s Bronco moves at good clip thanks to an Integy 35-turn motor controlled by an Axial AE2 speed control. Again, the list goes on and we’re sure Tom is a long way from done.

Axial Racing
Golden Horizons
Pro-Line Racing

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