Tip of the Week: 9/9/2012 Duck Tape Mud Flaps

Sometimes we have to race our truggies and 4WD short course trucks in less than ideal conditions such as mud. When the track is muddy or even just a little too wet, the rear suspension and rear driveshafts will get caked in gunk thanks to the spinning front tires. This quickly throws parts out a balance and will cause excessive wear. Some trucks have optional mud guards that mount to the rear arms, but if these fancy add-ons aren’t available for your RC truck, you’re still luck. To prevent mud from fouling up the works, use duct tape to make your own mud guards. You can make short guards or do as world champions have done make a cover that loops over the arm, drive shaft and upper suspension link. Depending on how the shock is mounted some care may be needed to make sure there are no clearance issues.

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