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2012 Great American Jeep Rally

The Jeep is the quintessential off-roader and with the rock crawling–especially scale trucks–segment being so popular in RC, there’s a lot of natural crossover between Jeeps and RC. So, RC Truck Stop jumped at the chance to attend the 2012 Great American Jeep Rally held in CT and expose RC to hundreds of potential new enthusiasts.

2012 marked the move to an all-new location in Ellington, CT. The one-day event took place Saturday, September 15 and drew in 600+ Jeeps of every style from all over New England and beyond.

The RTI (Ramp Travel Index) ramps were a popular activity all day, but there was a lot more to do and see.



In addition to the massive show-n-shine, Jeepers could hit the rock garden, mud pit and test their ride’s articulation on the two specially designed above mentioned ramps.



The show-n-shine contained a wide variety of Jeeps from new JK Rubicons to full-size Jeeps to military classics.


The mud pit was a long trench that the staff kept hydrated all day with a large water truck. As trucks started down the trench, it looked surprisingly easy until each Jeep hit the deep pocket about 3/4 of the way down.

For RC scale enthusiasts, there was plenty of inspiration to take in. From mild to wild to ordinary to offbeat, the Great American Jeep Rally had a lot to look at.

For our part, we played host to an RC off-road and rock crawling area. Show attendees brought by their RC trucks and we put on demos all day. RC Truck Stop also partnered with the biggest name in RC crawling, Axial, to raffle off an Axial AX10 Ridgecrest. The free raffle attracted hundreds and Mark Davis and family of Rhode Island were the lucky winners.


The Great American Jeep Rally also featured a “Vendors’ Row” with displays from a variety of off-road manufacturers.




Great American Jeep Rally 

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  1. wicked trucks. think the tow line fell out of the red yj in the mud pit at end of vid, or it was his bumper haha

    also huge late 70s ford in top left of pic of blue tent.

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