Digital Designed T-shirt Giveaway

Digital Designed is a full-service vinyl graphics shop that caters to–amongst others–the RC and full-size automotive crowds. In addition to vinyl stickers, Digital Designed offers custom T-shirts. In fact, Digital Designed is going to award one lucky winner a free RC Truck Stop T-shirt. Entering this contest is easy. Just go to Digital Designed Facebook Page and write “RC Truck Stop” on Digital Designed’s Wall. That’s just how we like contests–easy!


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  1. Alright its that time. For those of you that have entered into the RC truck stop t-shirt giveaway. Want another shot at winning this shirt? Our NEXT post will be our ad for our site. All you have to do is share it from here. As long as we can see you shared our ad, you will now have 2 chances/entries to win a free shirt from Digital Designed and RC truck Stop!

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