Hitec LiPo Checker

Hitec has a handy new device for LiPo users. The LiPo Checker shows percentage of charge and voltage of each cell. The device works with packs up to 6S and displays voltage to 0.01V. The LiPo Checker also has a balance function that can be used to balance the cells in a pack. The balancing current is 50mA. The LiPo Checker should be available for $19.99.

Learn more here.

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  1. While I know most chargers will relay this same info, having this on the side is a great idea. Having more than one charged lipo, and keeping tabs on them can get a little dizzy. Plus, you can charge one with your charger, and still use this to balance other packs at the same time. The price is right, pretty cool.

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