Truck of the Week: 9/22/2012 Traxxas Stampede

Now, this is a cool monster truck! John Payer has brought some scale truck appeal to his Traxxas Stampede. John tells us he bought the truck for $50 (what?!) from a coworker over 10 years ago. It sat in basement for a decade until he gave it a rebuild and ol’ new lease on life. He had stripped the original steering servo when he first boxed it up, but the rest of the servos also got replaced during the restoration. Spektrum radio gear is used with a Hobbywing 60A speed control and Tacon 3000Kv brushless motor. a Traxxas 2075 handles steering duty. John uses an 87-tooth spur with a 16-tooth pinion and states it stays nice and cool even when running back-to-back battery packs.

This was John’s first effort at painting a body on the outside for a scale end result. He says he’s extremely happy with the results and we can, of course, see why. The body used is Pro-Line’s 1972 Chevy C-10. John added handmade chassis skirts that protect and hide the electronics.

John had a great message about RC and this truck, so we thought we’d share his message: “I got this truck at a prefect time–I was getting burnt out of RC, especially the high maintenance aspect of racing. This truck is about as close to a carefree RC as you can get. I continue to be amazed at the abuse it can take. To date I’ve blown off a shock cap (have not blown another since teflon taping the threads), replaced a rear body mount, and had to replace a front wheel bearing. This truck goes to all my family gatherings and everyone from the grandparents to the grandkids drive it.  I have no reservation handing over the controller of this truck either.  This little ‘pede has really reignited my love of RC.”


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  1. Thanks for the comments and compliments guys, I appreciate it! Thanks Matt for showcasing my ride on your site…considering some of the amazing rides that have been showcased previously, it’s truly an honor!

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