Dynamite RC Passport UltraLite “Multi-Tool” Charger

As a gadget geek, the “Multi-Tool” moniker instantly got my attention. When I checked out the spec on this little device, I wasn’t disappointed. While it won’t help you open a bottle of wine, fix a leather belt or saw off a branch, it will charge 1- to 6S LiPo (and LiFe, Li-ion, NiMH, NiCd and Pb packs too). While charging, you can check the voltage on a LiPo, LiFe or Li-ion. The Passport UltraLite is also designed to charge devices such as iPhones or iPods via a USB port. One of the coolest features and one that certainly helps it qualify as a MultiToo, is the built-in LED work lights. The Passport UltraLite is AC/DC with removable cords.

Learn more here.

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