Tamiya Asterion

Tamiya Asterion gets its name from Greek mythology, but gets its chassis from Tamiya XV-01 rally car platform. The slightly modified truck version is known as the XV-01T and features a front-mounted motor design. The belt-driven drivetrain is fully enclosed and it’s 4WD.

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    1. I am very interested to see how it performs. I am curious to see where it shines. The CC-01 is a fun scale crawler. It can’t do anything too extreme, but it is fun to drive over what would be realistic terrain. I wonder how this chassis will do.

  1. i like the look of this truck. but i dont think it’s worth the $280+ price tag.
    im guessing that it will bottom out often during high speed jumps of any size. but if i had the extra play money, i’d add it to my collection.
    the rc’s i own are:
    TRX Rustler & Stampede 1 each
    1 Tamiya TT-01
    i’ll get a boat when i save up the cash and after doing plenty of research.
    i have been into hobby grade rc for about 18yrs & plan on enjoying it until my fingers fall off.

    1. Nice collection.

      As for Tamiya’s new platform, I was unsure about it, but got to thinking it would be great for dirt roads and such. Plus, a huge number of people just blast up and down the street with their RC car–even if that car is a truck. I think the Asterion is a viable choice for people who aren’t looking to do hardcore bashing.

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